PREACT integration


We have build standard Business Intelligence

Solutions and they are all very Industry Focused

And we can integrate to some of the most common used ERP solutions both at law firms and retail companys. This is why we fast can set-up a solution for Business Intelligence for law firms

And help customers with Retail business Intelligence and Business Intelligence for media companies

. The prebuild API´s and the integration to ERP systems like Maconomy, Microsoft AX, Microsoft Dynamics and Unit4 Business World are one of the key reasons to hour success when it comes to setting the solution for our customers very fast. We implement a standard datawarehouse that is build on Kimble principles and designed to benefit the specific user needs in the targeted industry that PREACT

is working with. On top of that we have designed a Dashboard Solution

that includes visualizations and KPI´s that spefically are designed to give the best Decision support. We have historically been working with the 3 industrys, law firms and project oriented companys, retail companys and media companies for many years, and used the knowledge to build the standard solutions, which our new customers really can benefit from, as we are starting new implementation projects at 80% and then use our senoir industry advisory consultants to give the customers the best solution and a solution that is customized special to their needs and business. The integration to the customers business systems is key as we are extracting all the data from those systems and feed the datawarehouse with all relevant data. The business model is then designed to give the customers the best possible insight into their data. PREACT BI solutions

are build on best practice within the different industries and we can supply our customers withg very fast implementation times, offen we can set-up a completet solution wthin 20 business days, and the solution is live and we have trained the different user groups on-site at the customer to give secure the best possiple adoption.

Also we are securing the data quality through our integration to the customers ERP solutions, because it is visually very significant when there has been some mistakes done by users in the data entry. So data entry mistakes are very visual and also missing data or registrations can be seen and therefor make sure that user go back to the ERP solution to correct the mistakes.

We are very proud of the solution we have designed and we are using only Microsoft Cloud technology and therefor we can make sure that our customers and any time has access to all the new business software on the marked including Power BI and Azure services.

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